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We can fancy it up any way we like, but news on a page like this is nothing more than pure gossip. That being said, anything gossip-worthy will be posted here and all are encouraged to pass it on!

23 March 2013

 What Makes A Brother?


A young man died yesterday. He was funny, he was charming, he was generous nearly to a fault. He was born the youngest brother of my sister's husband. Many say that makes him nothing to me, a fringe member of the family group at best. 


This is what I know: we laughed together, we cried together. We shared each other's secrets, we bore each other's burdens. We conspired together, we cooked together. We fought with each other, we reconciled with each other. We yelled and screamed, we hugged and patted. If this isn't family, then what is? 


A young man died yesterday. He was my brother. I love him, and I miss him.


Kathryn Rose MacDonald  

Hedrian Amit Gomes                             

05 March 1981 —  22 March 2013 

24 January 2013

Our new windows will be installed on 31 January!!  We are excited. I shall no longer be afraid to draw the curtains in those rooms as the icky stuff will be gone. And yes, icky is a technical term. When the installer came to measure he said, "Yup, you got that right. That IS some icky stuff." Beloved is rolling his eyes, "I get you windows, and the next thing you know you'll be wanting new curtains...and then paint, and then flooring, and then furniture!"

19 January 2013

Well, we have had our 3rd story windows measured and received our estimate for new windows!!  Beloved spoke with the window man during bowling league on Wednesday and learned the windows have been ordered and should be arriving soon. Goody! With the colder weather coming our way, I will be glad to get proper double-pane insulated glass in the master bedroom and my dressing room. The budget is not all that happy, I keep telling it that this is a one of deal, we won't hurt you like this again, I promise. (Next time, it'll be something way more fun!) 

17 February 2012

So we have set a date for the ceremony.....29 June 2012. Clear your calendars and start saving your's on!!

I know, I know, I's not divisible by 5, but the 25th is a Monday and who wants to get married on a Monday? The 30th is a Saturday and getting married that day would interfere with Beloved's European Football match watching....and we simply cannot have that.

Belay that last....we have changed the date to 30 June 2012. I am much happier as it is 5 number. Beloved changed it so that Jen and John would not have to take time off work to attend. I think he is secretly hoping for a bigger turnout. I did gently remind him that we are limited to 16 people...he then said we may have to book the larger room. *rolls eyes clear into back of head*  

13 January 2011

Have you the Ring

 Why yes, yes I do!   It's official. Naturally, it did not come as a surprise to Beloved's daughter and her partner. Now if Beloved will only tell his Auntie we can get this show on the road!


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